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Creative and business-savvy Frontend Developer with 1.5 years of progressive Experience across a broad range of functions and varied industry segments. Proven ability to combine vision, ingenuity and strong business acumen with well-developed project project management and leadership qualities to support go-to-market efforts for holistic development of the spot.

My Skills.

Web Development

Web Development uses the benefits of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create effective and captivating websites with relative ease. Compare that to native applications, in which code must be specifically written for each marketplace, as the language and processes are significantly different. This requires significant resources as additional development skills and hardware must be acquired.

Flutter Development

Flutter is an open-source UI framwork which is based on Dart.
An object-oriented, class-based, garbage-collected language with
C-style syntax. My purpose to work with Flutter is to optimize client requirments and give them flawless experience for their apps on different platforms



Bmi Calculator

While learning flutter, I made this application to understand how page navigation in flutter works. I used named routes to make my code more modular, about setState() and tried more widgets to make an easy user experience.

flash chat

Flash Chat

I always wondered how these chat application works and same data updates on different devices instantly at the same time. To understand this I made this small chat application for which I used Google Firebase as my backend. In this app I added feature to register user and authenticate user for login again to enter in the chat room.



In the hyper connected modern world, we are all constantly engaging with each other and sharing experiences. These experiences come at a cost associated to them for which we all share the bills. Sometimes it becomes cumbersome to remember how much money you owe to each other and hence to overcome this issue I created Reco. Reco is an application that ensures anyone who pays is reimbursed the correct amount and with a minimal number of transactions.




A work in progress and one of many chronicles that came out of my learnings of Html and CSS from I experimented a lot with animations on this one to make the project more responsive along with enhancing User Experience


Super Heros Fanbase

This was also made for the project submission of the freecodecamp. I learnt different form validations and styling to make user experience good and at that time I was learning CSS.


Hackathon Registration Portal

While learning django I made this portal to register user for the hackathon to make team. I made different modals to store data of user in sqlite from this app. This app is deployed on Heroku and while deploying my app I garnered rare insights on How production environment is different from development environemnt.

Programming Languages

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Always eager to learn and code

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Get In Touch

You can contact me anytime.

Always eager to learn and code

© 2020 Geetansh Monga.